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I agree this was a somewhat weak issue. This is probably reflective of my tastes, but it felt like we just had a profile of a somewhat outside of the mainstream fashion designer (the Balenciaga guy) a few months ago and didn't need that one on Plein.

That Henry Graeber book on parking has been all over the place recently. He's appeared on at least 6 podcasts I subscribe to. Possibly even more than Ben Smith. I was already interested in the subject but at this point feel I've perhaps been overexposed to the book. We'll see if it aligns with a square on my summer book bingo card this year. Anyway, Gopnik's take was pretty good and I agree it was the best in the issue.

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The Neely case has engendered a flood of ugly thought-bubbles over your way. No nuance, no empathy, no contemplation (there never is) of proportionate or reasonable force, no differentiation between preventable and inevitable. Oddly, scant mention of the repercussions for the commuter, now charged with second degree murder, almost as if it's foregone that he won't be found guilty.

Having already read too much, and too many comments, I couldn't read yet another long piece, so gave this a miss.

Ordinary people are a bit jaded over there. Ugly. Sad.

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The Bling King was not edifying.

I'm happy to admit I'd never heard of Plein until now.

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