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Don’t be too hard on Alex Ross and his one-line comments on singers - us opera nerds are enjoying them. I’d like to read more detail about the singing, and the technique, but he’d lose the rest of his audience.

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Agreed Helen Shaw's shark piece was great, although for me it's hard to say it's a pick of the week when it's that short. One thing the piece arguably missed is this isn't even the first Jaws-based stage adaptation of the 2020s. There's this whole other musical about the production: https://variety.com/2022/legit/reviews/bruce-review-musical-making-of-jaws-1235294038/

Maybe I'd have a different opinion if I had read a lot of other coverage of monster trucks, but I really enjoyed Helfand's article in this issue. It was my clear pick of the week. It was a classic example of taking a topic I hadn't thought very deeply about and highlighting the odd particulars I'd never really consider (how the hell do you get all the good dirt you need to these venues) against a bigger-picture backdrop of the consolidation of the live events industry. I could have mainly done without the part on Helfand training to be a driver but I guess if the New Yorker expense account is going to comp it, you might as well give some perspective on it.

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