Agreed the Eric Adams profile was a good read. Was somewhat expecting to see a pan of this piece for rehashing things everyone already knows about Adams. I didn't personally know those things about his fabulist streak or weird diet stuff but follow Adams a lot less than, say, someone who actually lives in New York. I did feel that I had pretty much gotten the point of this article 40% in and didn't need further confirmation of Adams lying all the time.

I definitely had deja vu with that piece on Leah Hunt-Hendrix. I remembered reading the Disney one and didn't feel I learned anything new from this.

Conversely, I found the piece on Sudan Archives very much in the "tedious and essayistic" school. But I'm not sure any essay would have gotten me interested in this profile. This is just one of those pieces that's not "for me."

Arn's definitely the regular critic at the magazine who has his knives out the most, something I can appreciate in this age of criticism getting so scarce that you only want to devote time to celebrating the good. Hoping to see more pieces from him--it felt like several months since his last piece in the magazine but maybe I'm forgetting.

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